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Essential Parts Of A Graduate Research Paper: An Overview

A graduate research paper is a very important part of your course that you need to get right if you are interested in passing your course. However, if it is your first time approaching such a project then you might not be aware of the various parts that have to be included. If that’s the case then do not skip the rest of this article as you’ll be given the info that’s required to get your graduate research paper complete.

  • Introduction: this section is the first one that you work on, and it should contain a few things. One of them is a thesis statement that basically communicates to the examiner what you will be studying in your project. This is typically as brief as a sentence or two. Also include background info and definitions in the introduction. If you have no idea what can be done to execute this then simply take a look at example projects.
  • Conclusion: the conclusion section is the best place to summarize your entire project so that other people can understand it without having to read the entire thing. Also it will show what things were found out during the course of the study. Finally, leave some room to enter what future studies can be performed on the subject matter.
  • Title page: the title page is required by a lot of departments as a formality. If you have never done a title page before then fortunately for you there are plenty of places online where you can look at how others did it. It’s quite simple and the specific things that need to be entered will be determined by the professor who is in charge of your course.
  • References: the references section is basically a list of sources that you have used to gather the facts for the project. This section is best completed simultaneously with the writing phase. So every time you decide to use a fact you should also make sure of the references section to include the source.
  • Title: the first thing that the audience will notice is the title of the piece and that’s something that you need to be aware of. So create the kind of title that is very good, and does not bore the reader. Also make sure the title is descriptive of the actual project you’ll be working on.