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Decent Advice on How to Make a High School Research Paper Presentation

Throughout your time in high school, you will be asked to present a well-written research paper in front of the class. It’s usually a great chance to get some critical but helpful feedback before you submit a final project for a grade.

Rewriting the Paper as a Script

The first step in presenting a high school research paper in class is to rewrite it as a script. Remember, this is to be heard and not read. Only your instructor will read your work afterwards. During your presentation your main audience will consist of your peers. Rewrite the information contained within in terms that the audience will understand. Don’t skip out on defining important terms; just be sure that you make those definitions easy enough to understand through regular speech.

Using Note Cards or Cue Cards

Next, create note cards or cue cards to use instead of your newly written script. Note cards and cue cards should be effectively used to help remind you of the key points of discussion. But don’t overdo it with too much detail; you’re going to bore the audience if you spend more time looking down at your cards than making eye contact.

Incorporating Slides or Visuals

Depending on your topic, you may find that incorporating slides or visuals is a highly effective way of communicating information that might easily misunderstood if you stuck to just a verbal presentation. Don’t over complicate your slides or visuals, however, because this can be just as confusing to the audience as your words. A great slide or visual presentation will align with the structure of your research paper topic and come in regular intervals to engage the audience efficiently.

Practice Your Lines and Have Fun

Finally, be sure to get as much practice as you can. Practice alone in front of a mirror, and then practice in front of a friend or classmate. Have some fun with your presentation. Add a little bit of humor if the topic is appropriate for some, or add an anecdote from your life experience if it helps set the tone for the rest of the presentation. You don’t have to memorize your lines perfectly, but if you can successfully go through your presentation without having to constantly find your place and can deliver it in as natural a way as possible, you are sure to earn a top grade.