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Research paper on gun control – composing an efficient outline

Gun control is a relatively hot topic in politics when it comes to the United States. Other countries may not necessarily see gun control is such a big issue, but due to the Second Amendment in the United States, there are huge political arguments around whether or not they should be any restrictions on the sale and acquisition of guns. Of course, there are plenty of individuals involved within the debate, not least the NRA, who have a huge political it. As a result, it does seem relatively unlikely that any major done control will be brought in at any time, but that doesn’t stop politicians and protest groups from time to change things.

Of course, most people will focus on gun control in the United States as part of an academic research paper; however, you can to discuss gun control in other countries at the primary purpose, or indeed the second refocus, in order to help back up points you are trying to make.

Picking a suitable title for your work

Firstly, you should pick a suitable title for your work. Having said this, the title may adapt and change as the work progresses, but you want a general theme or idea to work from in the first place. Be careful to pick a suitable topic, as it can have a huge influence on how easy it will be to write a research topic.

Deciding what stance you will take – if any

If you are composing an argumentative project, then you can decide what start your to take. For example, you may wish to decide whether you’re going to argue for or against gun control. One thing to be aware of is that you do not necessarily need to hold these views yourself - in fact, sometimes it may be quite interesting to challenge yourself to write a comprehensive argument against some of your abilities, as it tests your writing skills and ability to use reason and logic.

Researching the formatting guidelines – if any

Once you have an idea in place, you should identify if there any formatting guidelines that you need to use, particularly as these might impact upon what sections you need to include.

Creating a plan based on the sections you need to include

Once you have an idea of what will be required of your work, you can start creating a plan to get the work done.

Making a list of points you might want to include in individual paragraphs and sections

One thing to be aware of, when it comes to writing the outline, is that you may wish to plan individual paragraphs or larger sections. In order to do this, there are various approaches that you can take, such as making a list of any points that you wish to include. You don’t necessarily need to go into too much detail, just another to jog your memory when it comes to writing the work.