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Considering and Comparing Different Research Paper Methods

Choosing the ideal type of research method from many can be daunting in the beginning. You need to consider so many factors, take them into account and evaluate them. No matter the type of paper you are creating, there are various methods you can choose from. Writers can compose a research paper on Montessori Method or research paper using the scientific method. Whilst slightly arbitrary, it’s good to look at different methods in regards to strengths. Listed below are different kinds of methods used and what they are all about.

  • Experimental Research Methods
    This method involves the practice of manipulating independent, quantitative variables to come up with statistically analyzable data. Note that the scientific measurements system is ratio or interval based. This is what people think of immediately when one talks about scientific research methods.
    The results this method generates are analyzable and can be used to test hypotheses. The statistics can give an ambiguous and clear picture.
    This research method is very difficult and will require a rigorous design as well as expenses particularly for large experiments. Besides, this method is regarded as too accurate in some research fields. It also happens to be the largest drain on resources, and it’s often impossible to use in various areas as a result of the ethical considerations.
    In another field that doesn’t have the luxury of quantifiable and definable variables, one should use different research methods.
  • Opinion-Based Research Methods
    An opinion-based method involves designing an experiment and gathering the quantitative data. The questionnaires are an ideal way to quantify data from a sample and to test emotions or preferences.
    This methodology is easy and cheap, in case one is on a tight budget, and it also gives a clear element of emotion and opinions. Although the figures are arbitrary, they will at least offer a directional method to use to measure intensity.
    By definition, you can use this experiment method where behaviors and emotions are measured since there isn’t another way to define the variables. Although it’s not as effective as experimental research, the results can be falsified.
  • Observational Research Methods
    This method is employed when a researcher is trying to observe a certain phenomenon without interfering. This method isn’t preferred by most scientists since it uses ordinal or nominal scales of measurement.
    Observation is used heavily in anthropology, behavioral studies, and social sciences as a means to study a particular ground without altering their behavior.
    As long as you can recognize and evaluate flaws in the design while selecting different research methods, any methodology can be a valid contributor to any form of scientific knowledge.

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