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A Collection Of Amazing Easy Research Paper Titles To Write About

When you have a research paper to work on, the first thing that should get your attention is the topic. You have to think about this so that you choose an ideal alternative, one that will help you get good marks like these ones:

  • Owing to the increase in the number of teen pregnancies, discuss the need for mandatory parenting classes for teenagers, pregnant or not
  • Pets are just as important members of the family as everyone else. Discuss the prospect of introducing stiffer penalties and jail terms for those who are guilty of abandoning their pets
  • There are limitations to the notion of free speech, which most people never really are aware of. Citing relevant examples, discuss how free speech can easily land you into trouble
  • Homework has often been associated with fatigue over the years, and there are people who have proposed for such tasks to be banned altogether. Discuss
  • Affirmative action is a waste of time. Women who want to rise to the top should work their way up, and not wait for things to be handed over to them. Discuss
  • Kids these days grow up to become ill mannered, because they are not able to spend more time with their parents, and the few who do barely get the proper lessons on etiquette. Discuss the role that parents play in the deterioration of the moral standards in the society
  • Highlight some of the benefits of recycling, and propose stiffer penalties for those who are found guilty of not taking a conservationist approach to their interaction with the environment around them
  • There has been an increase in gun related crime and violence in the US over the past few years. Discuss why gun control rules should be made stiffer based on this concept
  • With time, the internet is becoming more and more of a necessity. Discuss the need for the classification of internet access as a basic need
  • Discuss the importance of a bullying awareness program, citing reasons why the implementation of these programs can help stem the vice

If you are ever struggling to come up with a research paper topic, you should not worry anymore. Just look at the structure of these ideas that we have shared in here, and then from there you can also come up with something in the same light.